Sunday, August 31, 2014

They come and go

Something I learned over the weekend was, you can't depend on anyone. And you can't think that everyone is going to be there forever. No matter how much you have been there for the person, you have to accept that people come and go. We may not like it and it may hurt but maybe God is preparing us for something. I used to tell people things that were on my mind, things I was going through, feelings I was feeling and ect. But I also learned that no one will understand unless they have been through that situation or felt the way I was feeling. You also can't trust a lot of people. Whenever I have a problem I don't tell my business to anyone anymore, I go to God and talk to him. His the one who will be there all the time. I'm not saying that talking to someone is a bad thing or you shouldn't do it, but just be careful who you share it with and what you say. Some things are your business and only your business. 

-Kennedi M.