Wednesday, July 16, 2014

The way we look and feel about life

There's a morning and there's a night. There's a light and there's a dark. When it storms it becomes dark but when the storm is over you begin to see light, sometimes even a rainbow. It will change dark to light very slow and sometimes it will take till the next day for it to be 100% light. You know that hard time your going through? Let me think...isn't it called a storm? Well have you ever looked at it like day and night or when we have storms. Yes all you see is darkness it's like everything around you is dark, but you know it won't be dark forever right? Life isn't easy, it's not supposed to be. Life is difficult and you just have to accept that. Any storm you're going through learn something about it so you can grow and became a stronger person. You can't run away from your problems because they will stay, they will remain. I want you guys to do me a favor. One day I want you guys to get a photo of just you when you were a kid smiling or happy. I want you to look at that photo for 10 seconds. The person looking at that photo, isn't it the same person as the person on the photo? You were happy then so why can't you be happy now? Yes, as we get older there comes more responsibly. But with every situation you have to find something positive about it. I want you to stop looking at life as being hard, and stressful, and depressing and look at it as a gift and look at the positive things that happened in your life. When you look at life differently it helps you to think more positive. The world is always changing so we have to be willing to change with it as well. 
-Kennedi M.