Thursday, July 31, 2014

Rest In Peace Daddy

Dear Daddy, I miss you so much. I sometimes don't understand why you're not here but I know everything happens for a reason. I wish I could get my king back to hug, to talk to, to tell him "I love you" I wish you were here to teach me how to drive, watch me go to homecoming, watch me play golf and play along with me. I wish you could see me sew so whenever your button on your suit falls off or your suit is too big or small I can fix it. I wish you could watch me cheer, watch the girls throw me in the air and you being scared they are going to drop your baby girl. I miss you! I wish you could show me how a man should be and how to treat a woman. I wish I could give you a present on Father's Day, your birthday and Christmas. I wish you were here to motivate me and keep me going in school. I wish you were here to see all the amazing things I have done so far. I wish you were here so I could have a shoulder to cry on through the hard times. This day is hard because it's supposed to just be a normal day it's suppose to be the beginning of August but it's the day you got shot. I miss you daddy and I'm going to try my best to make you and Mommy proud. I love you! 
-Your baby girl! ❤️