Wednesday, September 10, 2014

The Devil is a Lie

The devil is always trying to bring us down, he wants us to think nothing but that life is hard. We sometimes let him take control instead of leaving everything up to God and letting him take control. Basically we sometimes let the Devil win and don't even notice it. I know that I sometimes let him win because I start believing thoughts. Don't get me wrong life can be hard but life can always be a blessing. Life isn't going to always be right and perfect but you have to focus on the positive. Whenever we do try to focus on the positive things about life the devil try's to bring us down and makes us think life is so hard when really God is just getting us ready for a blessing. You have to ignore those thoughts and keep your eye on God. You never know what blessing is coming your way. I always say this, "Practice your faith." When you have faith in The Lord things will be better I promise. You have to be able to trust him with everything. Whatever situation you're going through right now. I want you to do my favorite thing and that's pray and let go and let God. Don't expect everything to change for the better seconds after you pray because it's only on God's timing. When I say let go and let God I mean let him handle it. You did all you can and that's pray about it, now just let him take control and fix everything on his timing. God has a way of working everything out.
-Kennedi M.