Thursday, June 12, 2014

Someone trying to have power over you...

Some people have came into my life and tried to control me, have power over me. They have put negative thoughts in my head. People that was close to me have hurt me. Destroyed me, tried to tell me who I was and what my future holds. They have tried to get me out of my character. But...
I also have people who have been here for me and motivate me, encourage me and keep me going. In life we have people who try to bring us down because of something going on in their life, they are unhappy and want to make someone else unhappy. Those people I will love and respect but will distance myself from them. You can't be happy and enjoy your life with negative people around you. 
One day, I decided that I wasn't going to be around negativity, I was going to change my life around and choose to be happy. Trust me I have my moments when I slip but no one is perfect right? 
What I'm trying to tell you guys is don't surround yourself with negative people. It's ok to distance yourself, you can still love them. I can't see anyone living their life Angry, sad, mad all the time. Choose to be happy!!! Change your life around. Don't stress yourself over the opinion of others. Who defines you? YOURSELF!!!! You define you!!! No one knows you like yourself!