Sunday, January 12, 2014

"I can't get through this by myself"

I will never let anyone have that much power over me. No matter what they do to me or how they make me feel, can't nobody steal me from me. They may hurt my feelings and ect. but me, as a young woman will get up on my feet and have my head held high, and walk with strength on my back. I know God is with me and no one can tell me differently.
 I know and learned that when I don't have no one I have God. I been going through a hard time but I haven't yet given up, and I won't. I'm always trying to explain myself to people thinking they will understand but like I have said in other posts, no one will understand unless they have been through that situation.
 I am here to tell you that you may feel like your storm is eating you up, or your storm is taking control over you but you must stop thinking that now. Bring your hands together and ask the man above to be with you. All that pressure you have been feeling give it to God. He is the one who is in control, not you. You trust him and let go. Stop putting yourself through this and trying to handle it on your own. Can't no one do anything by themselves.
-Kennedi M.