Wednesday, September 24, 2014

One day...

One day you will be a butterfly. 
One day you will be free. 
One day you won't care about what no one thinks about you. 
One day you will be a butterfly. 
One day you will be happy. 
One day you will be joyful and colorful; You will blossom and see all the gifts and blessings God has gave to you and only you. 
You will be your own person. 
You will know how to forgive and forget because you will learn that you can't move on with life holding on to the past. 
One day you will be like a butterfly, hard to catch. 
You will know your worth and know what you deserve. 
One day you will start enjoying life. 
One day you will wake up happy and go to sleep happy. 
One day you will realize that the trials you are going through are preparing you for something and you will be strong enough to get through anything God puts you through. 
You will be a butterfly one day;
the way people treat butterflies are so wrong but they still manage to get up and fly. 
You will, YOU WILL be a butterfly one day. 
You will be free. 
Maybe that one day has already came or maybe it hasn't but if it hasn't just hold on. 
You will blossom soon. 
-Kennedi Meyers